Congratulations, you have officially completed a wedding from start to finish! Below are a couple last tid-bits as well as some key things to remember for your next wedding.

Backup, Backup, Backup!

You can never be too safe! Before and after editing your photos you want to make sure you have a backup of your photos on your external hard drive. Once you’ve completed a wedding, drop your master folder onto your hard drive. That way you’re free to store up space on your computer.

Too much prep is good prep:

You can never prep too much for a wedding. Always be looking for new shot ideas, new angles and new ways to tell the story of someone’s wedding. The more you do this, the more you will be able to stay on your game when things go crazy!


After every wedding, we always like to debrief with ourselves on what went wrong, and what could have been better. Doing this either on the drive home, or directly the morning after helps it stay fresh in your mind, and helps you get better for the next wedding.


This goes along the same lines as the second tip, but it’s worth repeating. You can never research, and study enough. Always be on the lookout for new shooting styles, and new ways to do things. Learn more about your camera, how to interact with clients, lighting and general things that you know you’ll run into when capturing a wedding.

lastly, remember to HAVE FUN! you get paid to capture someone’s big day!