Now for the fun part! The wedding day is over, and now you have thousands of photos to sift through and edit. First things first, we want to backup our RAW files onto our external hard drive for safe keeping. You can watch our video below on our process.
Next we want to import our photos into our computer. To do that, you can watch the THIS VIDEO, which shows you step by step on the proper filing structure. If you’re more of a reader, the steps are given below.

  1. Plug in card into card reader.
  2. Create folder on desktop with wedding name (ex. Juarez Wedding) (henceforth referred to as ‘master folder’)
  3. Inside master folder create the following folders: RAW and Export.
  4. Put all RAW files from memory card into RAW folder.
  5. Put a copy of master folder on external hard drive.
  6. Delete all photos off of memory card once you’re sure they’re on the computer and the external hard drive.

Once these six steps are completed, you can move on to the editing part of the process.


This is where you really get to spread your creative wings! What we want to do next is setup our Lightroom Catalog, and begin organizing our photos to find our favorites. Once that is is done, we will then go through and begin editing our photos. You can either watch our video on what that process looks like, or read the steps below. You will know how many photos need to be edited by viewing the wedding project on Basecamp. Photos are due no later than three days after capture date. 


  1. Once opening LR, you should be prompted with a popup. Click on ‘Choose a Different Catalog”. Then on the bottom of the next popup, click “Create New Catalog."
  2. Title will be the same as your master folder. (ex. Juarez Wedding) Your location will be inside of your master folder. Once ready, click ‘Create’.


  1. Once LR created the catalog, you want to click on the ‘Library’ module on the top right.
  2. Drag and drop your photos from your RAW folder into the gray area titled ‘Click the “Import...” button to begin.’
  3. Make sure on the top you have ‘Add’ selected. Then click ‘Import’ on the bottom right.


  1. Press ‘E’ on your keyboard to expand the view of your first photo. Begin pressing the right arrow on your keyboard, and press the ‘5’ key on your keyboard to five star the photos you like. 
  2. Once you’ve gone through all of your photos, click on the ‘Filter’ dropdown on the bottom right and choose ‘Rated’. This should show just your five star photos.


  1. Click on the ‘Develop’ tab on the top right. Starting back at your first photo you will now begin editing your photos. On each photo, set a base by clicking on the given Bow Tie Wedding Preset (Download Here). This will give you a good base to start with, from which you should only need to make minimal adjustments such as temperature and exposure adjustments.

Exporting + Uploading

Now you’re done with the hard part! From here all that’s left to do is export your photos, and upload them to SmugMug! You can either watch the video, or follow the steps below.

  1. Select all your photos by pressing Command + A on your keyboard.
  2. Press Command + Shift + E on your keyboard. This should open up the Export dialogue box.
  3. Under ‘Presets’ click on the ‘Bow Tie Wedding Export’ preset. You can download the preset HERE. This will set you up with most of the necessary settings.
  4. Under ‘Export Location’ click on ‘Choose’ and direct your photos to export to your ‘Export’ folder you made in the beginning.
  5. Under ‘File Naming’ in the ‘Custom Text’ box you will label it with the wedding name without spaces or caps. (ex. juarezwedding) Then click on ‘Export’ on the bottom right.

that’s it! you’re done! congratulations!