Colton & Lauren


We had such a blast capturing Colton and Lauren's big day! They are two of the most genuine people you could meet, and instantly you can tell that people love to be around them. You couldn't have asked for a better day or venue to capture such a stunning wedding.


Vendor List:

Bow Tie Media was incredible to work with. They care a lot about getting the most important shot to YOU and realize that that shot is different for every bride. I went on a limb to ask for drone footage which they had never done before. They were incredibly flexible and ended up getting AMAZING drone footage without compromising any footage from the rest of the wedding. The video was so tasteful and the music choice and scenes they got were spot on. The videographers were able to pick up on moments that were the most special for my husband and I. I was so impressed with the meaningful moments they were able to capture. They were so sharp and professional and blended right into the crowd. I didn’t feel at all like I had a camera in my face all night.
— Lauren